Siding Types to Consider for Your Colorado Home

residential home with both stone and board siding on the facade.

Siding is an important and multifunctional component on any house – it plays an aesthetic role by conferring a harmonious appearance to the entire home and it also has an important protective role, stopping moisture from getting behind it, into the walls and into the home, preventing the attacks of rodents and insects and preserving the thermal comfort of the home interior. The siding chosen for Colorado homes needs to fulfill a third role as well: it needs to be able to protect the home against the impact of the harsh climate, against harsh winds, the extreme temperatures, the hails and the storms. According to Denver roofing companies in the know, here are some of the materials that are the most suitable for homes in the Centennial State.


The most popular and most affordable siding material is available in a very wide range of colors, textures and shapes and it is very resistant as well. Vinyl is not susceptible to rot, to insects, winds and debris do not affect it, it can withstand wide temperature variations and it stands strong in strong winds, in heavy rain and snow as well. The material is almost maintenance-free – it is recommended to perform a detailed inspection of the siding panels once a year, but other than that, you don’t need to do anything else with them. There is only one thing that you must know before you choose vinyl for your new siding: vinyl siding comes in large panels, so if one of the panels gets damaged, you need to replace the entire panel, you cannot just fix the damaged part.

Fiber Cement

Another durable and attractive solution, fiber cement siding works great in urban areas, among the mountains and on the planes as well. These panels are also available in many colors and textures, they are durable, lasting up to 50 years and they require very little maintenance to provide your home great, overall protection against fire, the elements and rodents.

Wood Siding

A more expensive and more sensitive solution that offers unparalleled beauty. Wood siding is suitable for homeowners who can handle the permanent upkeep needs of the siding on their home – the panels need to be regularly caulked, sanded, coated for protection, stained and painted to preserve their beauty, but if you can invest the time and the energy, your siding will give your home the curb appeal and the protection that only wood can provide. Another benefit of wood siding panels is that they come in smaller pieces, so if you find a damaged panel that you cannot repair, you can easily remove it and replace it without losing structural stability or disrupting the design.

Steel Siding

An inexpensive and durable solution that has recently become popular, steel siding panels offer all the benefits of the metal, such as durability, resistance to fire, to water and to insects and they are very easy to install as well, but they can easily become dented, so they might not be the best choice for areas that get a lot of hail, with large hail stones.