How to Prep Your Home for Roof Replacement

Replacing the roof on your home is a great investment into the comfort of your household, into the thermal efficiency and curb appeal of your building as well as into the resale value of your property, but it is also a process that entails lots of disruption and discomfort and needs careful planning and preparation. If you have done your roofing homework – you have scheduled the work, you have picked your roofing material and you have hired your contractor –, here are a few tips for you about how to prepare your home for the project.

Prepare the Access to Your Roof and the Area around the Building

Your Omaha roofing company contractors will need to be able to access your roof without any obstacles, so removing any objects from the area around the roof, including the path or the driveway leading up to it is essential. Don’t forget that the process of tearing off the old roof will generate a considerable amount of debris, so you will need to make sure that all the valuables are removed from the area around the building.

If you have lawn around the building, it is a good idea to mow it short to be able to find nails and other debris more easily and to prevent the injuries caused by accidentally stepping on small, sharp objects. If your building is surrounded with flower beds, you should protect them as much as possible covering them in tar or plastic foil.

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Communicate with Your Neighbors

You might think that your new roof is none of your neighbors’ business, but it helps to maintain a good relationship with them if you inform them about your upcoming project and you discuss your plans with them in short. Communication with your neighbors will make them more understanding and more helpful in case your project is accompanied by a lot of noise or if the completion takes longer than expected.

Clear the Attic

Some of the debris generated during the roof replacement will probably land in your attic, so it is very important to move as many of your precious items, such as heirlooms and  items used only periodically, to a safe place where they will not get damaged.

Arrangements for Kids and Pets

Children and pets running around in the construction area can create dangerous situations and increase the risk of injuries as well, therefore it is a good idea to make arrangements for them. Try to send your kids away to stay with the grandparents or with a friend for the duration of the project and find a way to confine your pets as well.

Preparations Inside the House

Many re-roofing processes involve the use of heavy equipment that might cause vibrations in the walls, which might cause mirrors and picture to fall and other valuable items to fall and to break. Make sure to remove such items from the walls and place them in safety. Remove sensitive light fixtures from the walls on the level right underneath the roof to prevent damage.