New and Creative Ideas for Your Residential Roofing Project

When it comes to the visual appeal and the functionality offered by modern roofs, the options available for attractive, efficient and durable roofs seems endless. Here are some interesting ideas to help you if you need inspiration to build a really attractive, unique roof on your home.

Choosing the Best Material and the Best Shape

The first two important decision to make when designing your roof should be about the shape of the roof and the material – after all, it will be the roofing material that will provide the weather-protection that you need with your structure, while the shape of your roof will fulfill important functional and aesthetic roles, too. The most common materials used for residential roofs are asphalt shingles, metal sheets or shingles, clay and cement tiles, wood and slate, but there are many newcomers on the market as well, such as synthetic and rubberized materials. The roofs covered in vegetation – the so-called green roofs – are also enjoying huge popularity these days.

The shape of the roof and the extra roof features you want will inform your material choice and will also influence the performance of your roof. The factors that you should consider when designing the shape of your roof are weather-resistance and aesthetics – the wetter the climate area, the steeper the sloping angle of the roof should be to allow any precipitation to roll down on the sides of the roof.

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Playing with Colors and Textures

Modern roofing materials come in a wide array of colors and textures and many manufacturers are willing to execute custom colors for individual clients, so practically whatever color you want, you can surely get it with the material of choice.

Any knowledgeable Lakewood roofing contractor will tell you that the two approaches to choosing the right roof color are harmony and contrast. You can either choose a roof color that harmonizes with the colors used on your building for a neutral color for an integrated, organic appearance or you can decide to create contrast for a bold, striking look. You can also choose to build a roof with a color gradient or one that uses multiple colors. If you need a roof for a building in a hot climate area, lighter colors will give you the benefit of enhanced thermal performance as light colors reflect most of the solar heat that they come into contact with. Dark colors, on the other hand, absorb heat, therefore they are great for cold climates.

Many building materials, such as metal or clay, come in various textures as well, allowing you to create attractive, playful roofs either by using an unusual texture or by combining two different textures.

Don’t Forget the Gutters

Your gutter pipes are essentially functional components, but they can also be chosen to add visual appeal to your roof. Gutters are available in different materials, types and colors and you have a wide choice when it comes to the fasteners used for attaching them to your building, so you can use all these components to complement your overall roof design.