Best Types of Materials for Your Greenville Commercial Roofs

Greenville roofing company

When you talk to a dependable Greenville roofing company, many of your concerns and questions regarding the type of roof that you should install will be addressed very promptly. However, you’ll find that it really pays off to do your research and get informed, as well as depending on a trusted roofer before making an informed decision.

Local Influencing Factors

Any respectable Greenville roofing company can tell you that a roof chosen for a local Greenville house or building has to take into account some influencing factors that are specific to the area.

The climate is particularly important. Greenville has a humid subtropical climate that can make the weather uncommonly hot and moist during the summer. Precipitation can also intensify, and sudden storms accompanied by strong winds are definitely not out of the question.

As a result, roofs made from wood and other less robust materials, which can easily succumb to increased humidity, as well as any type of panel roofing made from lightweight material, should be out of the question. The latter may succumb to windy weather, and it may also provide limited support in the event of a violent hail storm or thunderstorm. Instead, most roofing experts in Greenville will rather recommend PVC single-ply or a roof made from layers of modified bitumen roofing as a more robust and resilient alternative.

Durability vs. Style

It’s true that style is held in pretty high regard in Greenville. Anyone who has a roof that isn’t up to par with local styling trends might find it difficult to sell their properties, or their efforts in getting a marketing boost for their local business might fail entirely.

Nevertheless, commercial roofing experts agree that even if business owners don’t care too much about the functional aspect of their roofs, they should at least find a minimally durable roof, such as a more modern single ply roof, rather than the cheapest asphalt design.

If you’re hunting for a type of roof that’s both durable and fashionable, EPDM, TPO and metal should also be regarded as viable options. They are sturdy and low-maintenance, and they offer remarkable customization options when it comes to their color and design.

How to Make Your Final Choice

As you try to decide on the best type of commercial roof, your Greenville roofing company will probably have a lot to say on the matter. Contacting them and asking them for their advice on what type of roof you should get will usually be the best solution. They can inspect your building and make an educated guess based on their knowledge of local factors, your budget and which roofing manufacturers are more accessible from South Carolina.

You also have a variety of other resources at your disposal. You can talk to roofing manufacturers directly, use online calculators to estimate the cost of your new roof based on square footage and the material you want to choose, or ask your contractor to show you various color and design options that you’ve researched yourself.

It’s only a matter of time before you find the ideal roofing material for your building, and with the help of the best Greenville roofing company, your choice will be a well-informed one as well.